Dr.Kreshantha Pillay graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand with a Bachelor in Medicine & Surgery in 2010. She did her internship at New Somerset Hospital in Cape Town and Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg. She then completed her community service at OR Tambo Hospital, where she spent the year in the Family Medicine & Emergency Medicine Department.

After completing her time in the government sector, she worked in the sphere of general practice, where she served both lower and middle income areas. It was during this time where she was involved in the supervision and training of junior doctors and medical students.

This experience emphasised the importance of looking after a patient in a holistic way as it was only in family medicine, where the different branches of medicine came together. The role of the family practitioner or GP was one where you needed to co-ordinate care and ensure that all the facets of a person’s health worked harmoniously with the other.

She then spent 2 years in the United Kingdom where she worked for the National Health Service(NHS). She spent that time working as an Emergency Medicine Registrar.

She worked seamlessly between treating emergency cases and managing chronic illnesses.

Working overseas allowed her to learn about the positive aspects of healthcare in a first-world setting and apply it to a South African setting in a unique way.

She subsequently did aesthetic training in London and was employed as the primary practitioner in a number of private clinics in Central London.

On her return to South Africa, she continued to develop her skill set by completing qualifications in travel medicine and is a registered member of the South African Society of Travel Medicine (SASTM)

She has always loved travel and learning about different cultures, and this seemed to be the perfect way to merge her interests and career.

She recognised the need for changing the way we view healthcare and establishing a better relationship between doctors and patients. She realised that many cosmetic concerns were in fact, linked to medical issues. Not only that, but people were wholly uninformed about the way that travel and certain illnesses could impact one another. Only a doctor who was well-versed in all three could comprehensively treat a patient.

She established Complete Health Institute as a way to combine her love of being a family physician and her genuine interest in people, with her skills in medical aesthetics and travel medicine.

We are proud to have her as our clinical director and primary medical doctor.

As a practice, we endeavour to make you part of our family, provide a place of support and ultimately improve your mental and physical health.