Non-permanent fillers are gel-like substances based on hyaluronic acid which is found in our bodies normally. Fillers are used to add volume and fullness to an area.

Typical areas for fillers are the lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds (the depression running from the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth) and marionette lines (the depression at either side of the chin running from the corners of the mouth)

Different fillers are suitable for different areas. Depending on the consistency of the filler, the duration will differ (i.e. thinner fillers which are more suitable for lips will last a shorter time compared to the thicker fillers which are used on the cheeks)

The filler will take roughly 2 days to set after the treatment.

Depending on the type of filler used ,the effect may last 9-24 months.

Fillers help to give a youthful look to the face. Botox and filler are best used in conjunction to amplify your best features and give a natural, rejuvenated appearance

For the best aesthetic result, there are a few rules to abide by:

  • No aspirin/anti-inflammatories on the day of the treatment and for 2 days after
  • No alcohol for 2 days
  • No ice packs on the injected area for 2 days
  • No steam rooms or saunas for 2 days (extreme temperatures can affect the way the filler sets)
  • No exercise for 2 days
  • Use Arnica tablets if you are prone to bruising

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