Complete Health Institute is proud to announce their partnership with Slender Wonder. This is a safe, medically-monitored program designed to help you lose weight and maintain your goal weight.

The HCG protocol has been used for the past 45 years in South Africa, and for much longer overseas.

It was first created by Dr.Simeons and has been successfully helping people across the globe to lose weight safely and sustainably.

The protocol involves daily injections of HCG together with a very-low-calorie diet.

Our body fat is divided into 3 types of fat:

Structural fat which fills the gaps between organs. It is a sort of packing material and also functions to cushion the soles of our feet and keeps our skin firm and taut.

The second type is the normal reserve of fuel which the body can freely draw upon when our nutritional income from the intestinal tract is insufficient to meet the bodily demands.

The 3rd type of fat is abnormal. This is a potential source of fuel but it is locked away due to dysregulated systems in the brain. This type of fat is often found around the belly, hips, thighs and upper arms. This is the source of obesity.

If you imagine your body stores as a banking account, the normal reserves of fat act as a current account, where you can easily draw energy from. The 3rd type of fat is locked away as a fixed deposit account.

When an overweight person tries to lose weight conventionally, they will lose their normal reserves of fat first and then their structural fat. Only as a last resort will the body yield the abnormal fat reserves, but by this time, the person is often exhausted, weak and the fad diet is abandoned. They often don’t get the results they desire because of the loss of structural fat, leading them to look tired and haggard.

HCG works on the part of the brain which unlocks the use of the abnormal fat stores. It also decreases fat/sugar/carbohydrate cravings and increases the body’s sensitivity to Leptin, which is the hormone responsible for satiety or appetite suppression.

By restricting your calories in a specific way while on the injections, we induce the body to start utilising the abnormal fat stores for energy as opposed to getting them from your diet as it normally would. As those fat stores are utilised, you will start to lose weight as well as centimetres.

Your diet will provide only 500-600 calories while the remaining 1200-1400 calories will be unlocked by the injections, from your abnormal fat stores.

Our protocol is so successful because it works on the CAUSES of obesity and involves a maintenance plan which ensures that you don’t regain the weight after completing the program.

Expected weight loss for women is 4-8 kgs and 7-11 kgs for men during a 4-6 week treatment cycle.